Expertise with more than fifty years’ experience

Toripiha’s story dates back to the 1940’s, the years after WWII, when Martti Vehviläinen started a company selling berries in Suonenjoki, which is widely known as the strawberry region of Finland.

The company became a private limited company in 1977, and since 1987 it has been owned by Pekka Vehviläinen (chairman of the board) and Jussi Kylmälä (managing director). The company started an automated process of preparing and separating berries by colour in Suonenjoki in 1996. The business grew, and the company moved to new larger premises in Vesanto in 1999. In addition to preparing berries, the company started to hire out freezers. Toripiha is no longer involved in the sales of berries, but all berries handled in the premises are owned by its customers.

Toripiha Oy operates as a traditional family business, and it is now run by the third generation of owners. Accountability, commitment to good customer service and a continuous development of our business are Toripiha’s strengths.